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Selling Nudes

A brief guide to selling nudes online and many common mistakes.
Published: 2019-12-03 [Index]

So you’ve probably done a little research and read a few guides on selling nudes and thought it would be easy? The fact is, for most people, it’s not easy at all! We’re not saying you can’t make money selling nudes. You can make a lot of money selling nudes, but you first have to understand where you fit into the market. There is a lot of competition out there and you’re fighting a general consensus where many people believe they shouldn’t be paying for “porn” and that it should always be free. Yep! I mean it’s not like you’re an actual person or anything, right? It's like some people believe your sole purpose in life is to take off your clothes, for the benefit of their own privileged sense of entitlement to your own highly gifted talents for personal entertainment and you'll actually allow yourself to be completely objectified and degraded, by the masses; all for absolutely zero financial reward!

Does the above sound familiar to you?
Fortunately, the above mentality only applies to the majority of Internet users who will never pay you a single cent. They might waste your time. They might fish for freebies. They might even send you unsolicited pics and expect something back in return.
However, they will NEVER pay you!!
Unfortunately, most sellers spend way too much time and effort targeting these types of audiences and fail to recognize who their buyers really are, where they are, what makes them tick and exactly how they can be reached.

Depending on what type of “performer” you are, you'll have to tactfully approach the market from completely different angles. It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that you will never appeal to everyone, and if this is something you’re currently trying to do, I’m afraid you’ve already set yourself up, to fail.

The Porn Star

A porn star is an actor or actress who has achieved success and has a following. If you do not have a following then you are not a star. Not yet, anyway! A porn star without a following or “audience” is just another adult content creator who is probably putting themselves out there a little bit too much and is not getting much financial remittance. If you’re blasting the Twitter feeds every hour and trying to plug your subscription content on sites like OnlyFans then you’re most definitely a porn star. To recap on this definition; an adult content creator who definitely is not a star and may have alienated themselves from much more profitable markets.

By all means, inspire to become a porn star, but that journey will involve uploading lots of free content to tube sites such as Pornhub and building yourself a sustainable fan base. People will rarely pay to become your fan and why should they? Take a musician for instance. They attain fans because their music is broadcast and they get plenty of airtime. Only then do people decide to actually start purchasing their albums.

It should be noted that whether you’re a porn star or a porn star, you will not appeal to the majority of private buyers. Private buyers want something that’s made for them or at least something that’s intended for an unbeknownst audience. Private buyers generally do not want to “entertain themselves” to content that has been viewed by hundreds, thousands or possibly even millions of other people. It’s less personal for them and subsequentially, a major turn-off, for that very same reason. Even if your content doesn’t have a large audience; the fact you’re marketing towards one, and in the mainstream, will be more than enough to stop buyers in their tracks. See ya, bye!

The Private Seller

A private seller is someone who is not trying to market themselves as a porn star. They should be friendly and outgoing and thoroughly enjoy what they do; or at least appear to do so. They need to be personable, but remaining professional at all times, respecting relationship boundaries. A little backstory here and there can go a long way, even if some of the story elements are fictitious or exaggerated. If your Twitter feed is just an endless stream of #sellingnudes desperately competing in the avalanche; that is the global stream, you’ll come across like all the other porn stars out there. Instead, post about other subjects, like you would normally, using your own personal Twitter account. Get followers to connect with you and interact with them, little and often. If your followers can see you for you, as a “real” and “genuine” person, then you’ve already halfway sold your success story. Congratulations!

  • Negativity
Don’t act like a Diva and try not to complain. This presents a negative image. We totally understand that Dickhead Dave just wasted 30 minutes of your valuable time, sending you dick pics and trying to solicit freebies out of you, but posting about it will just make you an even bigger target for even more Dickhead Dave’s and you will only end up alienating yourself from genuine buyers; who might think you’re coming across a little aggressive. The same thing can be said for bio comments such as “pay before you play” or “DM for business use only”. What were you thinking? Please don’t do that. Seriously, stop it! It’s far easier and less time consuming to ignore time wasters or fire back canned responses. If you frighten people off then you'll make it impossible for them to buy from you. A good salesperson can convince tyre kickers into purchasing cars so do not dismiss people too easily, simply because they’re not throwing money at you, right from the get-go. Some sales are easy. Some sales require a little bit of work! If you’re not prepared to work at harder sales then you shouldn’t be in business, any business actually.

  • Desperation
Never come across as desperate. It truly sucks that you need to go and get your car repaired or that you’re facing a shortfall on next months rent, but never act impulsively, out of desperation. Good kind people are few and far between and we unfairly judge based on success or failure. This is an inherently human flaw that most of us are guilty of. You’re selling explicit adult entertainment and associating that with any kind of “sob story” can stall your outward appeal and wider business interests. If you truly are stuck for cash, reach out to family, friends or even regulars, but never in public. Not ever! No regulars?!?! Work harder on interpersonal skills. Regulars pay the bills!

  • Self-deprecation
Don’t you dare undervalue or underprice yourself. If you're going to sell $1 booty shots or $2 dick rates then you may aswell go ahead and quit right now! Set yourself a minimum tariff of at least $15-$20 per order value and if you must; throw in a dick rate as a value added incentive. Offering deals are fine, but don't give it away. If you’re going to offer up a $25 Dropbox with Gigabytes worth of previously produced material, you are only going to significantly reduce your appeal and market value. Any buyers you do get out of such ludicrously cheap deals will most likely be reselling your content, under a fake account, within hours and will most likely be making much more money out of your cache than you ever could. You almost deserve it. You don't, but you almost do. The buyers you really want are the buyers who are prepared to pay you reasonable or inflated prices. These types of buyers are not going to buy from you if you have no self-worth. It doesn't matter what you look like, cheap is not at all attractive. You'll only attract one-time budget buyers who ain't going to think twice about uploading your content to free sites or selling your content on to others. After all, you don't value yourself so why the hell should they? People who invest look after their investments. Cheap is not a viable investment. It doesn't matter if you conform to the universal illusion of beauty or are way outside that shallow little box. You are worth something to a lot of people and there are plenty of buyers out there who will prove that to you. It might not happen overnight, but it will happen, if you stick with it. In the long-term you'll be selling less for more instead of more for less. Please don't cut your nose off to spite your face! In the meantime, engage with people, have a laugh and build your audience, gradually and effectively. Eventually, sales will be chasing you and not the other way around. It will never happen if you constantly chase those single figure payments. Remember, cheap and desperate is the worst possible way you could possibly present yourself to a highly lucrative market. You are worth so much more than that and deserve so much better. Be what you're worth!

  • Productivity
Produce quality over quantity and always film using the highest possible setting. If you mess up then sell the outtakes. Be creative, be unique and discover your inner-artist. Own your market and don't let your market own you. Unless of course you're getting “sugar” but that's a whole different guide. Produce regular content. Tease the market. Post revealing previews that don't reveal. Add a backstory to your productions. Sell your videos and photosets a limited number of times. Update your followers as purchase opportunities decrease. Auction ocassional content to the highest bidder, never to be sold again. The fear of missing out can be quite persuasive and profitable. Offer customs and charge a premium. Pursue long-term recurring business over short-term sales. Look after your customers and make them feel special. Keep them updated and offer incentives. Run polls and canvass for production ideas. Involve your audience as much as possible. They'll be back time and again. Research fetishes and find niches. People often pay top dollar for specialist content. Finally, run a business and not “another scheme”.

The Secret Seller

Everything that applies to private sellers applies to secret sellers. The only difference is that secret sellers try to keep things more low-key and reveal far less information about themselves. Many secret sellers will not even show their faces because they value their privacy and do not want to be exposed for producing porn. This is usually because family, friends or colleagues would disapprove or a public revelation could have detrimental impacts on academia or career. This is by no means a negative thing either. Secret sellers offer an air of mystery and an element of risk. They do especially well producing POV type material because feeding personal fantasy is often much more fulfilling than any reality. Secret sellers often sell for limited periods. Many have found themselves in a tough financial spot so become secret sellers for a brief while; in order to make some extra-cash. This makes the content they produce potentially rarer and much sought after, because they might never produce again, for anyone.
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This brief guide was written by a full-time secret seller in collaboration with Selfie Buyers Club. The views and opinions expressed in this guide are soley those of the original author and do not necessarily reflect any official position, standpoint or policy of/by Selfie Buyers Club.

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